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    Productive process

    Jiangsu Heyi Electric Heating Material Co., Ltd has built a complete and mature electric alloy production process: from the smelting, electroslag refining, drawing, heat treatment to finish products. And with chemical analysis department, the physical inspection department, service department, the company treats the products quality as the lifeblood of enterprises: from the raw materials procurement, the finished products inspection to final product quality tracking, comprehensive monitoring product quality.


    Smelting Resistance wireSmelting

    Re-smelting of Electroslag

    Re-smelting of Electroslag Resistance wireRe-smelting of Electroslag

    Chemical Analysis

    Chemical Analysis Resistance wireChemical Analysis


    Annealing Resistance wireAnnealing


    Drawing Resistance wireDrawing


    warehouse Resistance wirewarehouse
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    floor heating
    floor heating
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