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    Spiral heating element Spiral heating element
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    Industrial coil heating elements

    The higher thermal efficiency and design flexibility make the coil heating element extremely popular. The coil heating elements involve using heavy alloy frames to hold ceramic spools of various shapes and sizes to accommodate the restricted areas. We produce the elements to your specifications to fit your furnace. Heating resistance wire elements formed into a coil(spiral) allow a suitable length of wire to be accommodated in a relatively small space, and also absorb the effects of thermal expansion. When forming the coil care must be taken not to damage the wire by nicking or abrasion. Cleanliness of the element is also important. The maximum and minimum recommended ratios of inside diameter to wire diameter are 6:1 and 3:1. The length of the close wound coil may be found using the equation below.

    spiral heating wirespiral heating element

    Industrial ribbon heating elements

    It's easy to achieve the most heat with ribbon elements. Typical ribbon elements suspend in the ceiling, walls and floors of high temperature industrial furnaces. HP industrial ribbon element offers high quality, high power density, excellent hot strength and low watt density. We recommend you to choose HP elememt when good hot strength, lightweight efficiency and easy installation are a priority.
    spiral heating elementspiral heating wire

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    spiral heating element