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    floor heating Floor heating
    Five reasons to choose underfloor heating:
    1. The heating is evenly distributed in the vertical space. 2. Compare with the temperatuer where 5cm to 15cm above the ground level, it is about 8-10C higher than the method of convection heating system. 3.The traditional heating system can't form a good heating and cooling cycle and make people often dizzy. But floor heating system let people sense their cool head and warm feet due to good cyclic system. 4. Up to 20% energy saving. 5. No influence on space and appearance of the room.

    underfloor heating cable Pipeline heating
    To prevent the pipes frozen and broken from the cold weather. The pipeline heating system can ensure smooth running of liquid inside the tubes. And to fulfill the entire pipeline heating system system operationg safely in winter.

    underfloor heating element Outdoor snow melting

    underfloor heating wire Agriculture and breeding

    underfloor heating cable We also can provide customized products and OEM services. resistance heating cableinsulated heating wire

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